Women's History Month

It's Women's History Month!! There have been some legendary women throughout history... we even have our own soon to be legends apart of #TheSpadezGang. Love, protect, trust, and cherish our women!! Acknowledge the past, live in present, and live for the future. Because that's exactly what our ancestors wanted for us.

So let's all take the time to celebrate our trailblazing Queens. Now, while it's amazing to take this time out to uplift all the amazing women throughout history; let us also uplift the current and next generations of history makers. It is also time we recognize and cultivate the future creators, scientist, artists, gamers, doctors, lawyers, athletes, and teachers. Be sure to remind them to continue push forward and grow in their crafts. Let them know you support them in whatever they need. Recognize, Teach, and Encourage. That's your forever homework Spadez Gang!

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