WAP and Male Hypocrisy


Yall going way to hard on this "WAP" video and to be real... your hypocrisy is showing. Y'all are not/have not gone in on any male performers that does these types of songs and videos. Funny thing is it's not even ground breaking. WE HAVE SEEN THIS BEFORE! Case and Point. We still go out of our way to praise guys who have been degrading our sisters for years. 2 Chains, Future, etc etc. Using the female form as nothing more than a prop and stereotype. Same formats, same concepts. Woman didn't do that. They didn't write Tip Drill, Pop that P*ssy, or Back Dat Azz Up . Those were men. The deference here is a woman using that same format and is controlling her own narrative. Not being a prop for a man and it is hard handle. Unimaginable. How dare they? Right?!

No the music don't corrupt you. You could have easily not watched. Ignored it completely. But, you didn't. Because your ego needed a trend to follow so you could b**** about something.

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