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State of The Spadez Gang Address


My fellow Spadez Gang affiliates I, BK Spadez do officially open the floor to talk about the changes to and future changes of TBKSS. The SOTSG Address will serve as our update and announcement forum. It's where we give our thoughts and plans for our various ventures. So let's begin. Shall we?

1. TBKSS Podcast is and will always be our flagship program. We have begun season 5 and, because of all of you the show has grown. We hope to see and hear from you in the near future. For our riders from day 1, Thank You!

2. Speaking of growth, we have been releasing shows on Wednesday mornings. Times go as follows:

6 am central time for Audio and 7 am central for Video.

{note: some shows may not have video versions}

3. Blogs from BK are going to drop at least once a week. They will go in seasons as well. There will be Top 5's, hot topics, and pop culture thoughts all in the bag. So, tuned for a confirmed day. Until then our Facebook page or Twitter is a great way to know when drops are coming. In addition to BK's blogs, Novacaine will be posting her personal haikus every Thursday.

4. The Crossover Crew is on hiatus.

5. The BK Spadez Show Shop is still open for business and we got

new clothing options and some other cool pickups, as well. Like our Society & (POP) Culture hoodies and accessories.

6. Speaking of shopping. Free give-a-ways will return this season. So keep your eyes peeled and listen to the show, check the blogs, and skim our social media pages. Because clues can drop at any time.

7. Game Night w/ Friends will return. We may even have a Game Night w/Kids as well. Just be on the lookout for dates on our social sites and website.

8. Lastly, we are updating the site. Feel free to roam around and get acquainted with the website.

I hope this clears up a few things about the State of The BK Spadez Show. We are expanding into new areas and bringing you more quality content. I mean, pardon our dust but we are on a mission and we want you to be there every step of the way. Feel free to give us feedback on any outlet we have. We need those interactions to make our shows and products better. Don't forget to purchase something from our shop it helps us keep the lights on. Thanks for your time Spadez Gang. Meeting adjourned.


Written By:

BK Spadez

Host / Creator / Editor-in-Chief of


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