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BK's Current 5 Favorite Super Heroes

By: BK Spadez


If you know us here at TBKSS, you know we love a good superhero. Here I will deliver an epic list of FIVE heroes I'm digging right now. So no point in wasting any more time; let's hit this list.

5. Static

Starting off this list, we have Static. Whether you've met Virgil Hawkins in WB's tv series Static Shock or through his actual comics debut in Milestone Comic's Static #1(1993), you're a fan of this hero. Just a teen whose interests include pop culture, science, and comic books, Virgil's life gets flipped upside down when he accidentally gets caught up in the middle of the city's gang war. Things go way left, and he is then drenched in an experimental compound that happened to contain a mutagen agent. This experimental chemical gives Virgil his electromagnetic superpowers. Powers that he has yet to grasp the full potential of, yet. As a kid, I remember seeing Static debuting in Static Shock on Kids WB and immediately becoming a fan. I instantly recalled Black Vulcan from the old-school Superfriends cartoon and how basic they treated the character on that show. Vulcan was a character I wanted to love but couldn't connect with on any level. Maybe, because I knew of Black Lightning and felt they didn't need to change his name. So, just like everyone else I had NO CLUE that Vulcan and Lightning were two different characters with Vulcan being a bastardized version. But, will put a pin in that one for another day. But, seeing Static gave me a young black hero I could connect to. He had an older combative sister and a hard-working, black father who was present in his life. We didn't see black superheroes with that family dynamic. It was an epic thing to see. Static is one of DC's iconic heroes and the Dakota-verse is full of heroes just like him. It's dope to began this list with him.

4. Captain America - Sam Wilson

Next up, we have Sam Wilson, the MCU's current Captain America. The Harlem native's first appearance was in Captain America #117 (1969). Sam's origin is one made of tragedy and that's no surprise he is a superhero after all. Anywho, nine year old, Sam lost his Pops due to gang violence. His Moms would also lose her life while trying to protect Sam and his siblings during a mugging years later. R.I.P, Paul and Darlene, you were the best of us. Sam would then live his life to the fullest by doing the right thing. Sometimes doing volunteer work and even becoming a social worker. Eventually, he becomes the Falcon. I mean that's after being recruited by Steve Rogers, being his sidekick, his best friend, having a sidekick of his own, the actual falcon name Red Wing, then getting bird telepathy from Red Skull and the cosmic cube, and finally the Black Panther aka King T'challa creating wings so he can fly. The Falcon graduated to Captain America in a rocky debut in the All-New, All-Different era of Marvel Comics. I know a lot of people had a problem with ANAD but, I didn't. I understood that all the heroes we have are legacy heroes. Eventually, the mantles will change, transfer, and return to the status quo. As most of ANAD did, it left its impact on the nerd world as a whole. Enter the MCU's Endgame and I knew that this was a time for a change on the big screen. Rumors began to swirl about the current Captain America, played by Chris Evans was ready to move on from the character of Steve Rogers. 90% of the fanbase predicted Bucky taking the Shield in the MCU. Not this Blerd right here. I felt it was time for a real change and I was proven correct. As in the film, Cap goes on a bit of a time jump and decides to not return to the future but instead live his life in the past. Waiting on a specific day Steve returns to give SAM the juice now. I mean, the Shield and the rest is MCU history. I cried man tears that day. You can def go hear us talk about it that moment on TBKSS Blerd Out Episode (Click Here).

"Only one thing... I won't wear any mask! This black man lets it all hang out!"...John Stewart

3. Black Lightning

Falling in at #3 we got the Big Dawg, Jefferson Pierce aka BLACK LIGHTNING! This teacher, principal, father, 3 times Olympic gold medalist, and bio-electric-charged superhero uses his abilities to fight against the 100 on and off the streets. Whether he is inspiring students in the class or whooping ass in the streets Black Lightning is always eager to clean up the streets of Freeland. Probably the most balanced superhero ever, Jefferson still has his struggles, no doubt about it. Even with that being said he handles his responsibilities better than most. He is even seen as a mentor getting calls from Batman to help train heroes from time to time. That is to be expected from a man with as many accolades as Freeman. He's usually working on his own but he has been a part of the Justice League and the Outsiders. As busy as this man is the last thing he needs is more elitist people in his business not knowing what the streets are like. That goes double for Batman. We know why we don't see Batman's ass in the hood. He barely cares about Duke Thomas. Anyway, Jefferson has real street-level work to do. He's dealing with keeping these kids drug-free, healthy, and happy. That goes double for his kids. Who -by the way- has superpowers too. If there was ever a poster child for " I ain't got time for that", It's Jefferson Pierce. Also, yes he can manifest black lightning and it's devastating for those on the receiving end. Like, never piss this guy off. Ever. Although we should be seeing more of him in any medium we do get to see him quite a bit. The CW show is a good example of the character and the supporting cast is good. I just think it needs more focused writing, a bigger budget, and more black lightning.

Okay, so there is a pattern in this list and I'm just now starting to see it. I think I'll let yall figure that one out.

2. Storm

Ororo Munroe debuting in Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975) is the Goddess of the Storm and controller of the heavens is the descendant of the Priestess Ayesha. She would be born to parents N'Daré, an Africa Princess, and David Monroe a photojournalist from NYC. After Ororo was born, N'Daré would eventually grow tired of the racism in America. So, she would convince David to move to Cairo, Egypt to continue his work there covering an ongoing conflict. If you have been paying attention to any part of this article you know what happens next. Tragedy strikes as a fighter jet were shot out of the sky and it crashed right into their home. Ororo, age 9 would wake up buried alive along with both of her parents now dead. This event would go on to be one of the most tragic events in Storm's life leaving her scarred well into adulthood. She would eventually be taken in by Achmed El Gibár who turned her into a master thief and as fate would have it she would attempt to pickpocket Professor Charles Xavier. While he didn't initially take her in, as he was after the Shadow King. While Storm didn't go with Professor X then she decided to leave her village and look for her mother's birth home. While on her journey she meets a young T'Challa on the rite of passage. This is before he had the mantle and the throne. They would go their separate ways as well. Storm has done a lot in her life but let's try to speed this up a bit. After meeting the future King of Wakanda she would make it to her mother's birthplace of Kenya. Because she could control the elements she was regarded as a goddess. Eventually, Prof. X would waltz his ass back into her life asking her to join the Xmen where she would become a mentor and their greatest leader. She would go on to lead a few teams. At present, she is the leads the entire planet of Mars on behalf of the Xmen. Oh about her love with T'Challa they do get married, and later divorced due to T'Challa's responsibility to Wakanda. They would continue to have an on-again-off-again type of romance. Storm is regarded as one of the greatest Xmen/Mutants in and out of the universe. Although her abilities are taken lightly her accolades are many and you can't help but put some respect on her name. In other words, she can whoop anybody with using any of her powers. Go read up on her she going to surprise you. 1. Green Lantern, John 'MF' Stewart

Coming in at the top spot, it's non-other than U.S. Marine Corps veteran, John Stewart. No, not the former host of The Daily Show. I'm talking about the 3rd Earthling to wield a Green Lantern ring, John Stewart. Because of this man I play DC Universe Online as a GL. I'm inspired by his dopeness. What can I say? I remember listening to an interview with the legendary voice actor, Phil Lamarr explaining why he loves voicing the role of John and he mentions the line from John's 1st appearance. John in his early days was a substitute GL for Hal Jordan. When Hal couldn't do his job, John stepped in. Anyway, while being trained Hal tried to make John construct a mask to keep his identity a secret. But John wasn't having any of that sh*t. Not John Stewert! HELL NO! John said, "Only one thing... I won't wear any mask!" This black man lets it all hang out!"

Keep in mind the 70s had a lot of black characters who spoke in blaxploitation. But for me, this was a line of strength. If we ever get a live-action John Stewart, I hope he delivers that line. I might throw my boxers at the screen. Jokes aside, what set John apart from all the other lanterns is his background and talents. At the time of writing, he leads the Green Lanter Corp in the comics. Not Hal. Not Kyle. Not Guy. John! His military training makes him one of the most formidable and natural leaders in the DC universe. Not to mention his architectural background makes his power ring constructs the best in any lantern corp. He builds his constructs from the inside out. He's not known for weak, hollow constructs either. Nah, he fully builds his hard light constructs down to the last bolt. Not to mention his willpower is unmatched further solidifying his abilities. From making his debut as the "alternate' Lantern in Green Lantern #83 (1971) to becoming the leader of the entire Lantern Corp, no one has done it better than John Stewart. Well, Spadez Gang, this has been my five favorite heroes. I hope this article gives you a new perspective on comic book heroes. Maybe this makes you buy a comic or a graphic novel. Whatever the case, know we have stories out there with vast histories and powers beyond our imaginations. Sometimes you just got to find the stories. Let me know if I should do my favorite indy comics characters. I'd love to dig into some of those. Also, take it easy on me. It's my first professional writing. I'm personally proud of myself for taking another step into my craft and adding another feather to my growing accomplishments cap.


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